Contact Details

Email: dazkeaty@outlook.com
Discord: Daz Keaty#0055


Q. Why did you start making a webcomic?
A. First step into taking over the world consists of making a super popular and world famous webcomic. As of right now, I've made a webcomic.

Q. How is Gamer Cafe made? What programs / method do you use?
A. Drawn in photoshop using a tablet, though the occasional page is hand-drawn and scanned in. The pages are written in yWriter - a free novel writing program.

Q. Can you make a page about [Game X]?!
A. Unfortunetly, I don't have the time in the week or the finances to play every single game that's on the shelves. So I can't promise anything. There's a chance I haven't played or heard of the games you want to see in the comic. You're free to POLITELY throw a suggestion at me, but also be aware that I'm also free to POLITELY reject the suggestion.

Q. Where do I find the Product Key?
A. I tink you're in the wrong FAQ, buddy.

Q. What kind of part would my character have if I become a Patron?
A. You would be a 'Regular Customer' to the cafe - someone who appears in the background often, and may have some extra lines. If you'd like to make some suggestions, I'm always more than happy to brainstorm some ideas, toss the ball around. It's rare that a guest character makes a massive change to the plot or the comic - they're silly little inserts, so we'll have fun with them~.

Character Colors

Derryl Hair:  #7745ff 
Derryl Text:  #4200ff 
Warren:  #b11111 
Mana:  #ff5498 
Orla:  #883588 

Heidi Hair:  #19ff93 
Heidi Text:  #11b267 
Daire:  #4884ff 
Tori:  #fbaf5d 

Daz Keaty:  #000000
Random Characters:  #5c5c5c 

Common Fonts

Gosmick sans is the main text used for the text.
Comix Loud is used in both the Logo as well as commonly used in certain pages of the comic.
Alex Brush is the script font used in the logo.