16th Mar 2020, 12:00 PM
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Daz Keaty 16th Mar 2020, 12:00 PM
Daz Keaty
Just to be clear, I'm not stopping the comic.
Art is just imitating life.

I'm out of work for the next few weeks, so if nothing else I have even MORE time to make comics. :P


Rebeccaswan1 16th Mar 2020, 4:30 PM
I wonder who was the one to call her 16 times at least.I can't decide if that's dedication, bravery or the power of friendship :P
RazorD9 17th Mar 2020, 4:11 AM
Seems like who ever did might have forgot to call her one of so times.
Passerby 2nd Oct 2020, 6:43 PM
What is warren doing
TheKrow 12th Oct 2020, 9:54 AM
I think he is tending to burn injuries, presumable acquired in the fire that consumed his father.
Could be wrong.
Daz Keaty 12th Oct 2020, 10:05 AM
Daz Keaty