Social Reconstruction Epilogue

16th Jul 2021, 11:00 AM
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Author Notes:

Daz Keaty 16th Jul 2021, 11:00 AM
Daz Keaty
For absolutely no reason what so ever, here's the very first drawing of Daz Keaty from October 2012, a year before Gamer Cafe's first page.


Hero of Comedy 16th Jul 2021, 12:11 PM
Hero of Comedy
If there's anything that makes a satisfying ending, it's a good reference.
gagarbour 16th Jul 2021, 2:31 PM
speaking of kaz I wonder when he's coming back
TheKrow 16th Jul 2021, 4:13 PM
An archaic creation of majesty...

'By Hiddeninshadow'
Huh. Never knew that.